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Melphalan dose

How does high-dose Melphalan for myeloma treatment increase point mutations?

Fri Jan 22

A patient with multiple myeloma or bone marrow cancer has to go through aggressive treatment. Melphalan is supposed to be an effective treatment for the patient. This medicine is also used for the treatment of some types of ovarian cancer. But it is an effective solution to kill cancer cells and hence, reduce the growth or progression of cancer in the body. Melphalan for Myeloma is one of the best treatments these days.

The side effects of Melphalan

When you are looking forward to get a solution for cancer of bone marrow you should consult the doctor and follow the prescribed treatment. Usually, the doctors would prescribe Melphalan for Myeloma. But as a patient or as a caretaker of the patient one should be aware about the side effects of this medicine.

  • It creates the feeling of nausea and vomits.
  • It reduces r curbs the appetite.
  • It makes you feel dizzy.
  • The side effects would be more when you start with the medication and then soon the body might get used to it.
  • The side effects of Melphalan can be quite irritating and the patients might feel depression symptoms too.

How to take Melphalan?

When your doctor tells you to start with Melphalan for Myeloma, you must ask him about how to take this medicine.  Usually, just like other medications, this has to be taken with water. You must swallow it as a whole. You can buy Melphalan online and this will help you to get the delivery at home. You can discuss with the doctor about the other Melphalan uses. But the major discussion should be in relation to how it should be taken and what effects and interactions you may come across.

The multiple points in the treatment

The expert doctor who has done ample of study in this field would take multiple treatment approach. You can order Melphala cash on delivery but this should be as per the required and prescribed dose only. If you rely on a high dose, then it would not have positive effects. As per one of the researches, if a high dose of Melphalan is followed along with bone marrow transplant then the increase point mutations would be the situation. This means the chances of relapse would be high. On the other hand, if the low dose treatment is followed with the multiple treatment approach then it could bring in better results with a reduction in mutation load.

Melphalan also causes hair loss

Melphalan is anti-cancer medicine and it also causes hair loss. Thus, if you follow the right treatment pattern with the apt guidance of your doctor then there would not be too much of a problem. But, if you take an overdose then it can be harmful for health. For multiple Myeloma, this seems to be a good treatment option. But you must always keep in mind the side effects and drug interactions that might come up with time. You should discuss the symptoms and case with your doctor and ask him if you have any doubts. Do not stop the medicine without informing your doctor.

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