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effects of Temozolomide

How Pregnant women with Malignant Brain Tumor reacts to Temozolomide

Fri Jan 22

 The patient who has some specific kind of brain tumors will be prescribed with this medication. Temozolomide is an anti-cancer medicine, which has effects on the body. You must therefore find out the details about effects of Temozolomide. You should talk freely with the doctor about the drugs that you are already taking and also things like what kind of treatment you can expect with this.

Can pregnant women take Posid?

It depends largely upon the problem and that how the treatment course should take place. If the patient has brain tumor and at the same time if she is pregnant then there seems to be multiple complications. In that case, the patient must know what way he or she should take the medication.  There should be discussion with the doctor about posid dosage and at the same time also aboutthe effects of Temozolomide. Whether it should be taken orally or with the intravenous option depends upon the condition of the patient.

How to take this medicine?

  • The first thing that you must do is discussed with the doctor about the pros and cons of the medicine. If you want to take Temozolomide then it would mean that you would have some side effects like nausea and sleepiness.
  • You will even face the issues like lack of appetite and weakness. With all these things,there will always be a question as to whether this medicine be taken by pregnant women? Well, you must discuss the case with the doctor and he will guide you for sure.
  • This medication can be taken with water. But what is the apt dose and all the other details should be as per the instructions of the doctor. You must buy posid 50mg online. You will get delivery at the doorstep and it will help you for sure.

This medicine slows down cancer growth

Once you order temozolomide cash on delivery, you will have to understand that you have to take it on regular basis as per the doctor’s prescription and instructions. You must never take Posid overdose. Take it as the doctor has told you to take. This is quite sensitive and thus, you have to be quite agile while on this medication.  The doctor will diagnose the condition and then will start the treatment. But at the same time, there will be some response to this. The doctor will check the response and he will then assess the situation once again.

If you are allergic to any ingredients that might be present in this medicine, then you must talk to the doctor for the same.  This will help him in giving you an alternative solution if needed. If you have liver disease or kidney issues, then you must tell your doctor. The dose should be as per the doctor’s guidance. You must never take an overdose. It can be harmful for health. So, stay sure that you know how you need to take the right steps and in the right way. The doctor has to understand the effects of Temozolomide on the patient first before going ahead in the treatment.



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